Courses / Architecture

Design Concepts

In this module we will teach you how you to create designs related architecture and interior. For knowing about architect interior industry or to develop excellent designs you must be knowing about this term (design) very well.

In this context we will teach you these terms: design principles, introduction to color theory, color systems, how to scan, store and transport Images, how to enlarge and reduce, resolution, depth of color, image/file size, palette, mode and image attributes and many more. Apart from the fundamentals you will get knowledge about designing of patterns, textures, and many more by using Adobe Photoshop in this section.

Project Management

For every professional 3d architect or interior designer, whether he/she works in company or work on freelancing basis, it is very quite necessary to hand over the project to the client without any inconvenience. This module is very spontaneous. It teaches you how to manage the projects.

Collaborative Project

Students will be working on class room projects as their applications finished. At our institute we have a very-very tough assessment system. To get certificate from ADMEC Multimedia Institute is not very easy. When you will visit our center our counselor will explain it in depth.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the Skills to Convince the Clients 3D Perspectives
  • Develop the Skills to Create Modeling an Architectural/ Interior Structure
  • Learn How to Handle Lighting Using VRay Learn How to Set Up the Most Stunning and Dynamic Camera
  • Angles Develop the Best Final Rendering Do's and don'ts of Modeling
  • Learn how to Model From Sketches in Professional Practice
  • Learn how to Interact With Your Clients Before You begin a 3d Project
  • Develop the Fastest Technique to Create 3D Objects.

Areas of Study Include