About 3D Eyes

Media today touches every aspect of human life. Advanced and innovative communication tools and technologies have shrunk the world giving a new meaning to the medium of media. A stint at 3D EYES will equip your will at all the necessary tools through which you can make a mark in your career.


3D EYES offers a wide range of Adobe certification courses, Regular Full time Degree Programs and Distance Education Programs specialized in 2D, 3D Animation, Film Making, VFX, Photography and Cinematography pursuing which the students' achieve Academic and Practical eligibility and develops a portfolio to progress to any of the comprehensive Media Industry in India and World-wide.

Our Mission is to enable students of all ages to enter upon a career of great personal satisfaction and value. We are immensely proud to be a part of tradition of Education in the field of Art, Design, Animation and Media. 3D EYES through its highly experienced faculties and advance accessories has been training students to gear up for the fastest growing Media and Film Industry.

We believe however that we provide our students with the skills and knowledge relevant to contemporary creative practice. Recent studies have shown that the Cultural Industries play a key role in the economic and creative health of the country. Our students play their part in that health creation and have an excellent record of employment.

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